Know More About Drug Testing History

Drug testing is a way to check if the candidate has been a drug user or not. It was not prevalent till 1970’s. After that it became widespread phenomena to include it in various pre employment screenings and in schools and colleges. During 1970 the US army noticed the usage of heroine and other drugs among the troops of army, which forced them to test them for drug.

After that it became very common to test the candidates for the drug abuse. In US even schools and colleges started testing the candidates for drug abuse. in this article you’ll learn how to precisely pass a drug test.

  • What is drug testing and How it started:

Drug testing is a phenomenon to check the presence of toxic substances in the body. It can be either for the purpose of pre employment screening or for any post accident check up. It was started because of the increased drug abuse in the schools and colleges.

  • Government during 1980’s made it mandatory for students to pass a drug test, it was basically mandatory for sports team.
  • After that it was opposed by various bills, which claimed that the drug testing for those who are not even suspected to ingest drug at any stage can be against the moral values. And it also destroys the privacy of the candidates.
  • It was then made mandatory for the work profiles like, transporting, army and many such jobs where the safety and security is the main goal.
  • It was introduced with the aim of maintaining good work team and enhancing the dignity of the work by keeping the drug abusers out of the job.
  • It was basically part of the pre employment screening, but then it was also introduced in the schools and colleges.

How drug test is done:

It is done by taking samples from almost any part of the body. It may be blood, urine or saliva. The most accurate testing is hair drug testing. It can detect the presence of drugs even for months. It is done using hair follicles samples.

Urine test is done by taking urine samples, it tests for the metabolites in the body.


After the invent of drug testing technique the it became very popular among the employers to check for the presence of drugs. It is basically done to prevent the mess that might be created because of the drug abusers in the work area. Now a day various products are also available which can be used to create a false negative test. some of the products are Ultra Cleanse shampoo and Saliva detox mouthwash. These are scientific and reliable techniques to clear a drug test.

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